The Reflected Series

The Reflected Series breaks down musical barriers, enabling both audiences and musicians to experience a seismic shift in musical perception.

The springboard for each event is the life story of a famous composer, told, whenever possible, by master story teller John Suchet of Classic FM. Alternating with pivotal works from the composer’s life, as the story unfolds; a leading Indian musician takes the journey to another level by creating “Reflections” live on stage whilst interacting with conductor and orchestra – who are also improvising!

The process is hugely stimulating: all performers are working outside their comfort zones inspiring maximum creativity in each other, and besides hearing core works from the western repertoire in a new light the audience experience the white-hot creativity of music being created in the moment in response to an unfolding story.

Humanity has explored sound in diverse ways and expressing thoughts and emotions through sound is a crucial part of what makes us human – the Reflected series enables the experience of a common musical DNA between cultures, a dramatic shift in musical perception, and is also extremely entertaining.

The inspiration for The Reflected Series came about through a conversation with Dr Alka Bagri, Trustee of the Bagri Foundation.

Strauss Reflected

Strauss Reflected presents an exciting and compelling story that reveals the emotionally charged lives and music of the Strauss family. This concert concept is available for touring worldwide.

With his contagious enthusiasm and extraordinary storytelling skills, John Suchet unravels the family’s tensions, dramas and triumphs and provides the audience with key elements to appreciate their music.

The concert sheds fresh light on the shared roots of western and eastern musical traditions with Sinfonia Verdi performing some of the most famous orchestral scores of the Strauss masters interspersed with improvised reflections and interpretations of their inner turmoil, by acclaimed Hindustani Classical vocalist Meeta Pandit.

Johann Strauss I: Beliebte Annen-Polka
Johann Strauss II: Gunstwerber
Josef Strauss: Sphärenklänge
Johann Strauss II:Tritsch Tratsch Polka
Johann Strauss II: Overture Die Fledermaus
Johann Strauss II: Emperor Waltz
Eduard Strauss: Elektrisch Polka
Johann Strauss II: Blue Danube
Johann Strauss I: Radetzky March

Watch clips from Strauss Reflected on the Media page.

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