Music – helping young people cope with lockdown

  Exploring the role deep listening can play in the development of creativity in people of all ages, with a special focus on the young. My “Sonic Immersion” project took place from November 2020 – May 2021. The UK was in Coronavirus lockdown during much of this time and the project responded by giving young … Read more

What is the role of a Conductor in the midst of a Global Pandemic?

Enabling collaboration and bringing people together however and whenever possible is the conductor’s true role. This has been a challenging year for all, but it has been so amazing to feel the power of live music on the few occasions it has been possible. It has been incredible to see how brave, creative and resourceful … Read more

More Sukanya Opera News: Eastern Eye Award for Best Production 2020

  February 17th 2021 Delighted to that my last major project of the Pre-Covid 19 world has won the Eastern Eye Award for Best Production 2020. The London Philharmonic Orchestra received this award for its production of the Ravi Shankar Opera Sukanya Congratulations All!

Ravi Shankar’s Sukanya “Best of 2020 – cheers that would be the envy of any opera house – completely unexpected, unique and magnificent”

Delighted that Ravi Shankar’s Opera Sukanya is on AllMusic’s Best of 2020 list. Here is their review, written by James Mannheim: At the height of his fame in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ravi Shankar explored East-West fusions in both the pop and classical realms. Among his works are three concertos for sitar and orchestra. Late … Read more

The Deep Listening Project

Deep Listening is the art of experiencing sound in all its glory. In everyday life we filter out so much of the information entering our ears that we are frequently only perceiving pale ghosts of the sounds we could be experiencing. David’s new Deep Listening website, part of his pilot research and development project supported … Read more

People Power Passion

David and Sinfonia Verdi were at the heart of the creative process in a unique project celebrating the super-diverse community of Luton, the orchestra’s home town:   “It is the energy and creative potential of Luton that inspires me. As one of the most super-diverse towns in the world it is a special place – … Read more