The Deep Listening Project

Deep Listening is the art of experiencing sound in all its glory. In everyday life we filter out so much of the information entering our ears that we are frequently only perceiving pale ghosts of the sounds we could be experiencing. David’s new Deep Listening website, part of his pilot research and development project supported … Read more

People Power Passion

David and Sinfonia Verdi were at the heart of the creative process in a unique project celebrating the super-diverse community of Luton, the orchestra’s home town:   “It is the energy and creative potential of Luton that inspires me. As one of the most super-diverse towns in the world it is a special place – … Read more

Gelem Gelem – The Open Road

David’s orchestra Sinfonia Verdi is working on an exciting music project with Luton Roma Trust and Flying Start, funded by Youth Music. This project is part of David and Sinfonia Verdi’s goal of becoming a vital component of the educational and cultural fabric of Luton, demonstrating the contribution 21st Century Orchestras can make to a … Read more

The Wish

David’s Orchestra Sinfonia Verdi performed The Wish for thousands of children at special concerts in Luton, Bedford, Dunstable and Milton Keynes. The Wish is an interactive orchestral piece that introduces children to orchestral instruments in a vivid way. Written by John K. Miles and presented by Claire Henry, this new piece is very participatory with … Read more

What is the Secret of Great Conducting? New Video goes Viral!

This new video gives prospective conductors the most useful piece of advice they could ever have: when conducting the most important thing is to listen as deeply as is humanly possible. Made as a prelude to #TheDeepListeningProject