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Tidings of Joy for orchestras and all emotional/creative people this Valentine’s Day

From The Economist:

The current doldrum in wages may, like that of the early industrial era, be a temporary matter, with the good times about to roll. These (jobs of the future) may look distinctly different from those they replace. Just as past mechanisation freed, or forced, workers into jobs requiring more cognitive dexterity, leaps in machine intelligence could create space for people to specialise in more emotive occupations, as yet unsuited to machines: a world of artists and therapists, love counsellors and yoga instructors”

So there you have it – as machines take over many current work roles (machines have access to far more data, and increasingly know how to use it) the emotional/creative professions will be in the ascendant, and music, the tool we use most to express emotions that words cannot capture will be back at the centre of people’s lives.

So orchestras, artists and all creative people, take heart, the wheel of fortune is turning in our favour. Appearances can be deceptive: a chrysalis looks pretty dead shortly before the butterfly emerges….

Chrysalis            wheel of fortune1                       Butterfly emerging from chrysalis

From Monday Y Music will present a daily thumbnail sketch of the many scientifically proven benefits of music. We are going on an A-Z journey beginning with the remarkable effect music has on attention.

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