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D is for Depression

D is for Depression

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music heard so deeply
That it is not heard at all, but you are the music
While the music lasts
. (T.S Eliot: The Dry Salvages 1941)

One in four people will suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Research by Professor Christian Gold of the Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre in Bergen, Norway indicates that music can begin the healing process by gently re-establishing the seeds of emotional connection. He writes:

“Our trial has shown that music therapy…helps people to improve their levels of depression and anxiety. Music therapy has specific qualities that allow people to express themselves and interact in a non-verbal way – even in situations when they cannot find the words to describe their inner experiences”

This recent video of LSO wind principals/ Andrew Staples/Daniel Harding in Mumbai shows a workshop with young, homeless, barefoot children, their mothers all victims of sex trafficking, many of them also victims of abuse, violence and neglect. The whole video is heartwarming, but if you don’t have time to watch all 7 minutes, watch from 5’ 20’’ to see the power of music to create a real human connection.



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